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Stop Procrastinating


It is often difficult to find first gear and set your butt in motion. This is especially true for people that spend their work efforts in a sedentary position. Here are a few tips if you're struggling.

Start your day with simple, and incredibly low quality work:

Incredible work sometimes comes from the dumbest of places. Starting with something easy gets you in the flow, and sometimes can yield surprising successes.

Give yourself a treat

* What will the treat be?

* When will you receive your reward?

* Reward yourself when your goal is met!

Arbitrary time limits:

Sometimes the limitation of time can force focus. Setting an arbitrary time limit can be on a per task basis, or on a larger basis dependent on your needs. I find it best to focus on each task. E.g. I have until 9am to finish writing this blog post.

Taken from: [I Procrastinate for 3 Hours Before Starting Work. Here’s How I Solved the Problem. | by Tim Denning | Ascent Publication](https://medium.com/the-ascent/...)